Contingent Workforce Solutions

Companies are increasingly utilising flexible resource as a way of meeting their goals. Industry research indicates 20-50% of a company’s workforce will be non-employees by 2020*. This workforce flexibility is critical to their future success. However, it does create challenges. Visibility, compliance and management of the flexible workforce are increasingly complex and can be costly.

We work with our clients to create recruitment solutions which provide temporary, contract and Statement of Work resource to work on the right projects at the right time. Our contingent workforce solutions include:

        » Master vendor

        » Neutral vendor

        » Payroll services

        » Supply chain management

        » Statement of Work projects


        » Increased visibility of your contingent workforce

        » Single point of contact for your contingent recruitment requirements

        » More efficient processes

        » Hard and soft cost savings

        » Delivery capability of our specialist engineering and technology recruiters

        » A fully compliant contingent workforce

        » Supply chain management

* Source: Staffing Industry Analysts

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